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What can photoxo do for you?
I can’t find my favorite pictures

Together we can get your prints out of the boxes and albums, off of the memory cards and cameras, and get them sorted so you can easily locate the pictures that are important to you.

What if something happens to my pictures?

I will scan your photos, creating a digital copy that can be securely backed up.

I only look at pictures on my camera/phone

Let’s set up a simple system to get the images off of the devices and into your life!

I want to share my photos

Perfect! Whether you want to share via social media, a slide show, or a beautiful printed book, I can help.

I want my family memories to be preserved for the future

Yes! Think big! I can scan your family’s old photos, integrate them with your newer pictures, and tell your family’s story!

Start caring for your family photos now - FREE Photo Archiving 101 video with proven tips to get you started.

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Take care of your memories

Digital or printed, new or vintage, 2015 or 1915
It's never been easier

I want to help you enjoy and preserve all of your photographs by getting them organized and safely stored. I’ll handle all the technical stuff, and together we’ll make your pictures an important and visible part of your life. These core services are just a starting point. What will you do for your treasured memories?

  • Digitize

    Scanning your photos, creating a digital backup.

  • Protect

    Rehousing your photos in appropriate archival housing so they are protected for years to come

  • Organize

    Organizing your newly digitized images (along with any born-digital photos you may have) into a system that allows you to easily locate your favorite photos.

  • Share

    Offering methods for sharing your pictures with family and friends. I work with preferred vendors who make beautiful prints, books, and other photo gifts.

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Your photos are irreplacable

Hi, I'm Sabrina Hughes. I’ve been working in the photo industry for more than a decade! I started with darkroom printing, wedding photography, and learning digital retouching and repair. My passion for photography brought me to graduate school where I studied the history of photography. I’ve worked in world-renown museums where I learned best practices to care for photographs, curated exhibitions, and made the history of photography come alive. I know the best practices for ensuring your photos tell your family's story for years to come.
Sabrina Hughes

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